Geoff and his activities have been followed extensively in the international media.  Stories have appeared in The Globe & Mail, London Guardian, New York Daily News, Hindu Times, Nunatsiaq News, MacLeans, Canadian Geographic, Newsday, Toronto Star, Above & Beyond magazine, Vancouver Province, LA Times, New York Times, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Australian Post, La Presse, and dozens of other small newspapers, magazines and publications around the world.  Geoff has been featured on Discovery Channel, TV Ontario, CNN, CBC’s Canada Now, The Hour (CBC), Canada AM, CBC Radio coast to coast to coast in French and English, Global National News, CTV News, Dubai Radio, and the Weather Network.  A Reader’s Digest Canada feature story about Geoff and Students on Ice was in January 2006 issue.

Recent Coverage


Geoff's interview with Nipissing University


Geoff Green speaks to what an honorary Doctor of Education from Nipissing University means to him, his message to graduates, and accomplishments of which he is most proud.



Geoff featured on Radio Canada's 'Les Visionnaires'


  Watch Geoff Green featured in Radio Canada's'Les Visionnaires'
  July 18, 2012 (in French)


Geoff featured on CTV

Transformational Interview with CTV's Seamus O'ReaganSeamus O'Reagan of CTV interviews Geoff regarding his investiture as a Transformational Canadian.

Ten Years of Students on Ice

CBC Ottawa Morning's Kathleen Petty talks to Geoff Green about ten years of polar expeditions. You can listen to the interview here >>

Canada’s Northern Identity

Geoff was interviewed by The Mark and participants in their online forum about the educational expeditions he leads and the changes occurring in the polar regions. Read more >>

Arctic Explorer Seeks Funding to bring the North to the South

Geoff Green was featured in The Globe and Mail's feature story about Canada Polar House. Read more >>


Media coverage of the Students on Ice Arctic 2012 Expedition

Click here >>

Students on Ice Antarctic Youth Expedition 2010 Documentary Airs on CBC

Alanna Mitchell’s documentary Melting Ice recently aired on CBC Radio One. Listen here >>

Sail on the Arctic Tern with Alexandra Cousteau

Sailing through Ontario's Thousand Islands Aboard the Arctic Tern. Read More >>

Geoff Green, 1 of 25 Transformational Canadians

25 Transformational Canadians

Geoff has been selected as one of Canada's 25 Transformational Canadians. Read about the program >>

See Geoff's 'Transformational Canadians' interview on Canada AM >>

Royal Canadian Geographical Gold Medal in 2010

Geoff was a member Canada's International Polar Year National Committee which received the Royal Canadian Geographical Gold Medal in 2010


Lifestyles Magazine

Geoff Green was recently profiled in Lifestyles Magazine in a feature story by Janis Raisen entitled
"Geoff Green: Green Giant." Click on the the following pages to read the story:

Geoff captains a Zodiac in the fog below flying Black-Legged Kittiwakes near Hantzsch Island, Nunavut
(Photo: Lee Narraway, Students on Ice)

"People to Watch in 2010." - Geoff Green, Arctic Explorer.

Ottawa Citizen's 'People to Watch'

Geoff Green has been selected as one of Ottawa’s “People to Watch in 2010.” The Ottawa Citizen chose 12 Ottawans whose “ideas are driving the future – around the corner and around the world.” Click here to read the story. (Photo: Julie Oliver, Ottawa Citizen)

Geoff Green speaks at Halton's 'Breakfast on the Environment'

Geoff Green (right) with Jessica Tarka (left) and Regional Chair Gary Carr (centre) at the Halton Environment Leadership Award ceremony held in Burlington. Tarka is the winner of Halton's 2011 Environmental Leadership Award. (Photo: Metroland Media Group)

Listen to Geoff Green’s interview with Andy Barrie,
Host of CBC’s Metro Morning >>

Geoff appears in Microsoft “I am a PC” television advertisement. >>

Geoff appears in the new Microsoft “I'm a PC” commercials alongside the likes of Bill Gates, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Deepak Chopra, Bernard Harris and others. Check out two of the commercials at the links below:

Geoff was featured in the Calgary Herald on April 2, 2009. Click below to read it!

The Calgary Herald (April 2, 2009) >>

CBC The National reporter Ioanna Roumeliotis featured Geoff and the Students on Ice International Polar Year Antarctic University Expedition 2009. Click below to watch it!

Geoff and Students on Ice was featured on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet. Click below to watch!

Geoff was interviewed by George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC's The Hour on January 13, 2009

Watch Geoff's Interview on The Hour here >>

Behind "I'm a PC"
A diver in a shark cage? Eva Longoria? That crazy building? "I'm a PC and I sell fish"? As recent Microsoft pitchman Jerry Seinfeld would say, "What's the deal with those new ads?"
And so we turn to Web search to learn the story behind these suddenly ubiquitous spots. (Microsoft owns MSN.)

First, some background. In 2006, Apple Computer unveiled the first "Get a Mac" ad, featuring a tweedy, middle-aged John Hodgman as "PC" and hoodie-wearing hipster Justin Long as "Mac."

In the new Microsoft spots, Sean Siler (a Microsoft employee who bears a strong resemblance to Hodgman) intones, "Hello. I'm a PC. And I've been made into a stereotype." Celebrities, ordinary people and more than 60 other Microsoft employees (including Bill Gates) attempt to take back the tarnished term, proudly proclaiming, "I'm a PC."

In the week after the ads debuted, queries for "PC" spiked slightly, while "Mac" queries remained stable. Queries for Deepak Chopra, who is featured in the new ads, also rocketed ahead of Jerry Seinfeld searches this week.

Whether you're a Mac or a PC, the spots are generating a lot of buzz online. "It's just like the 'Cola Wars' … only nerdier," says the Consumerist blog. Here's some trivia about the spots:

The literally "green" building featured in the ad? Architect Edouard François' Tower Flower, an apartment building in Paris covered with bamboo planted in 380 concrete planters.

The guy with the polar bear? Students on Ice founder Geoff Green, veteran of 74 Antarctic expeditions and 31 Arctic expeditions.

It's true. Some images used in the Microsoft campaign were made on a Mac, according to PC World. Microsoft says that creative agencies commonly use a wide variety of software and hardware to produce content, including both Macs and PCs.

Is the "blue screen of death" a PC? This parody ad thinks so.

And what happened to the Seinfeld-Gates commercials? Despite Internet speculation that the duo was retired early because of a lukewarm response, the ad agency behind the commercials says a third installment is waiting in the wings.

The Chronical Herald (April 22, 2008) >>

The Calgary Herald (April 19, 2008) >>

Reader's Digest Canada (April 2008) >>

Geoff's Blog on The Governor General of Canada's web site (February 7, 2008) >>

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Related Media

The Globe and Mail (January 21, 2009) >>The Antarctic not as chilly as thought

The Globe and Mail (December 16, 2008) >>The Big Melt - Two trillion tons of ice have melted since 2003

“Endowed with unique and newly endangered life forms and subject to exceptionally rapid climate change, the Antarctic and Arctic regions have a great importance for the generations immediately ahead. I’m glad that Students on Ice is leading the kind of environmental education most needed.”

Dr. Edward O. Wilson,
Professor Emeritus, Harvard University


“Students on Ice is an outstanding educational program. Just one of their shipboard expeditions to the polar regions equals two or three academic courses in a traditional university setting. I am proud and honoured to participate in this unique shipboard program.”

Captain Don Walsh,
Honorary Life Member of the Explorers Club; Former Environmental Advisor to the President of the United States of America.


“Geoff’s presentation was nothing short of an inspirational tonic for the whole group. He took us far from the everyday grind of our demanding jobs.  It was motivational and refreshing without being contrived or forced.  Almost every team member wrote, called or stopped me later to express their appreciation for and enjoyment of Geoff’s speech.”

Rick Seifeddine, Vice President,
Marketing & Communications, Telus


“On behalf of our members, I would like to thank you for being our guest of honour at the 56th Annual Dinner of The Arctic Circle Club!  We were fully absorbed by your talk, “Exploring Minds at Both Poles”, as you took us to both ends of the Earth.”

Tom Lukowski,
President of The Arctic Circle Club